IN VIVO – Postdigital Construction

„POSTDIGITAL CONSTRUCTION“ 🌍 EPHEMERA 🌍 Contemporary Concept by G. G.M. BROCKMANN Photography Series With POWER OF THE SILENCE IN URBANISM More about the concept soon… #picoftheday #fineart #Sculpture #photo #artoftheday #tagsforlike #contemporaryart… Weiterlesen

King Nothing by Yilmaztürk & Brockmann

King Nothing by Nejla Yilmaztürk & Gerd Gustav Martin Brockmann In December 2012 we worked at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul and saw a protest in the cafeteria where students start to… Weiterlesen

The Inferno of Doctrine & Ritual

           Contemporay Textile Installation / Ephemeral Concept The Inferno of Doctrine & Ritual „The body: tied to Biological, vulnerable and perishable, medium of noise and pleasure, and not least… Weiterlesen


„NEVER SAW YOU CRY“ Contemporary Concept Experimental Contemporary Exhibition Cooperation. Away from „Zombie formalism“ towards a new change of direction within the artistic morphology. About diverse borders creates works in cooperation and taking… Weiterlesen

Roll Up P.H.A.T

ROLL UP P.H.A.T   Contemporary Installation / Painting Wood, Aid Blanket, Aerosol Can, Tape,Wool Threads, Canvas, Acryl Color,Nails  Artistical Hommage to the 80´s I grew up in the 80s and influences such as… Weiterlesen

The Metallic Shadow Exist

     Copper & Art Research Concept…more soon!   Fashion by Nejla Yilmazturk  

Next Level : Obsiegen

    Türkçe versiyonu, German version – scroll down… Humanity, Trinity and what is man? What makes us human? What “… he makes of himself or can and should do … “(Kant) is… Weiterlesen


   Textile Installationen als Erfahrungsfeld im Kontext zeitgenössischer Kunstpraxis Contemporary Textile Installations / Exhibition / Artisttalk / Live Art-work Performance Crossing of the frontier between Fashion and Art, Weaving, Stitching, Sewing and…. English Version: Textile installations and field… Weiterlesen

Gender in Barbwire

Temporary Sculpture / Ice / Barbwire / Pair of Tights Black       This Temporary Sculpture is build of one male and one female material and shows a part of the inner duality of everyone.    Special Thanks to the Sponsor PENTI Company / Turkey…  for the Material and to the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Prof. Kemal Can for Mental pushing  on this Trip to Bolu.   

In Between

   Project: Crossing                                  The Combination of One  Moment Yellow Silence and the Design of  Huseyin Özer to build a Temporary Sculpture. Model Sema Caglar