Title / Concept: #NotesToMyself ,2020

The crisis has changed our personal view on cultural, social and also political action. With the series #NotesToMyself, I am recording these observations in various artistic media, because people forget very quickly once a crisis is over. Corona has changed our view, created other perceptions, and faded out the unimportant. Marginal notes, scribbles, seemingly unimportant things are created as reminders, as an archive of thoughts during this unusual time. The importance of this work will become clear to me years later, and perhaps it will remain in my memory as a vague attempt to somehow grasp this time and give it an artistic normality.


This transfer of the everyday fragments of my perception will be transferred to/from a medium of my choice after some time. Here it is painting in connection with writing / signs. As a society we have created posthuman visual codes that create a recognition value in our perception (e.g. #). These signs are automatically linked to the corresponding word and are neuronally recorded in fractions of a second. As an artist, my main interest is to research the visual process and develop such a visual language for the future. Picturesque style vs. writing.

„Writing has become a complex element in today’s visual arts, and as a form of expression it is no longer possible to imagine life without it. Although the connection between the visual arts and the written language has been known since the earliest cultures of human history, the unity of the two means of communication only became a fixed topos at the beginning of the 20th century“.

Dominique Schwarz, Schrift als Kommunikationsmedium in der Malerei des 20. Jahrhunderts, disserta Verlag / 2019

The concept includes a cover letter provided by me, which allows the viewer to interpret my personal codes / signs to grasp the wealth of information created as a whole. (Also available in digital form – tablet in the exhibition space etc. – can be provided by the artist).

This archive may contain references to links I have viewed. There are observations from personal life, quotations, book references, cancelled concerts etc.

„Wie füllt man den Raum in diesen Tagen?“ #selbstversuch


Medium: Malerei – Mixed Media auf Leinwand / Diptychon + Begleitschreiben / Leinwand 2x 80/100cm

The images of the media go through my mind the new consciousness from inside and outside has occupied me concerning this work. Empty metropolises, opportunities in the crisis, new perception for „underestimated“ & underpaid professions and digital formats of art education shape my current everyday life.

Art and culture are changing…#NotesToMyself

work in progress…

© Gerd G.M. Brockmann , 05/2020