Fragile Musk

       In this piece of art I try to find the combination of male and female materials. The frame shows us rough black and rugged lines. Also, the chains symbolize the… Weiterlesen

13 Black Vegetable Boxes, Shadow, Light and the Wind

Temporary Sculpture / Campus at Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi / Istanbul, Turkey       13 Black Boxes and the Wind             Erkan and the Gravity                        … Weiterlesen



  Contemporary Installation    


Textile Media – Art Installation at the Gallery MODUL 1 / Flensburg / Germany Concept with Real Blood. „The connection between textile aesthetics in spaces and media installations is becoming a steadily growing… Weiterlesen

S.L. Research

   Foil research – Lead to new Installations and Human Living Sculpture Concepts. copyright by G.G.M.Brockmann Gallery Modul 1 Germany

My Little (black) Secrets

   Installation / Gallery Modul 1 FL (FairTrade silk / nepal, nails, black scrim, felt, marker) Howmany compounds do you have to your own little secrets ? Before you look at the neighbor!… Weiterlesen

To cherish an illusion of force

   Border, Aerosol Can, aluminium tape, black tape, striped drapery) Alteration of visual Perception

Art:Now and the Future / A Heart-Beat-Box and the Childhood Diamond

Art:Now and the Future Konzept

S / Y-9 Q

This installation at the campus of Flensburg´s University gives a quick and new artistic pulse to all teachers and students, to break through the everyday view of familiar and gives a different, amazed and unexpected view of the… Weiterlesen