Textile Media – Art Installation at the Gallery MODUL 1 / Flensburg / Germany Concept with Real Blood. „The connection between textile aesthetics in spaces and media installations is becoming a steadily growing… Weiterlesen

S.L. Research (Golden Silver Reign)

   Foil research – Lead to new Installations and Human Living Sculpture Concepts. copyright by G.G.M.Brockmann Gallery Modul 1 Germany

My Little (black) Secrets

   Installation / Gallery Modul 1 FL (FairTrade silk / nepal, nails, black scrim, felt, marker) Howmany compounds do you have to your own little secrets ? Before you look at the neighbor!… Weiterlesen

To cherish an illusion of force

   Border, Aerosol Can, aluminium tape, black tape, striped drapery) Alteration of visual Perception

Art:Now and the Future / A Heart-Beat-Box and the Childhood Diamond

Art:Now and the Future Konzept

S / Y-9 Q

This installation at the campus of Flensburg´s University gives a quick and new artistic pulse to all teachers and students, to break through the everyday view of familiar and gives a different, amazed and unexpected view of the… Weiterlesen

Textile and Walls


Good Night White Pride

  Concept Against Fascism by Woman

Free Puppet Leave



210 x 110 cm / Painting Canvas / Oil / Ink / Acryl / Aerosol Can