King Nothing by Yilmaztürk & Brockmann

Yilmaztürk&Brockmann King Nothing

King Nothing

by Nejla Yilmaztürk & Gerd Gustav Martin Brockmann

In December 2012 we worked at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul and saw a protest in the cafeteria where students start to burn some objects to call attention to the political situation. A short time later we were working on the outskirts of Istanbul and far away from the tourist paradises and we recognize what was meant by this protest at the university. At this moment the idea for the King Nothing staging was born. A white fabric that is used in Turkish society as a shroud build the material for a temporary sculpture and we create the shape of a mummy by wrapping the male body in front of the urban background for a critical statement of the prevailing conditions in the country.

A short time later did happen what we have seen in Europe as Gezi – Park Revolution …

 Outlook: Further ephemeral works related to this concept in other locations in Turkey are in preparation.

Yilmaztürk&Brockmann King Nothing kilyos Istanbul

Kilyos – Istanbul 1/2013