Roll Up P.H.A.T



Contemporary Installation / Painting

Wood, Aid Blanket, Aerosol Can, Tape,Wool Threads, Canvas, Acryl Color,Nails 

Artistical Hommage to the 80´s

I grew up in the 80s and influences such as Run DMC’s „Walk This Way“ with Aerosmith sounds always like an inspiration. The Legendary DUNK CONTEST 1988 between D.Wilkins & M.Jordan where the legendary shoes was born and been a part of a lifestyle, Miami Vice or Madonna and the King of Pop, all this  are parts of the early years of expression and now…? The Air Force 1 and the Superstar shoes have become CULT in today’s society. The fashion industry and the HIP HOP Sound geared back to the good days of urban upheaval.

roll-up-p-h-a-t-by-artprojectbrockmann  roll-up-p-h-a-t-by-artprojectbrockmann painting


Popper, Punks, yuppies – the 80s were stylish and culturally a mix: of the free-spending gourmets in carrot pants and plaid shoulder pads jacket to the punk-inspired protesters with artfully trousers and safety pins in the ear served the most daring combinations for self-expression. Sound and trendy model gave Madonna in Jean Paul Gautier’s corsets and Michael Jackson as fantasy Moonwalker.

In the 80s, the art market focused primarily on Western Europe and North America. This was also strongly influenced at this time by the different social movements that often inevitably resulted from the geopolitical postwar order. Strong influence in this decade is Pop Art, Conceptual Art and Minimal Art.

In the 1980s, „Neue Wilde“ builds the German art scene. These were three separate and different groups of artists who were active in the early 80´s in Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin.



Mask by BROCKMANN Artprojectbrockmann

Nowadays, I see the visual effects of my early childhood everywhere. No brakes and with a huge run and a BIG „BOOOM“ into the economic market penetration. AND Next?…90´s Ad´s?

The reference work documents the spectacular pictures the work of intrepid reinterpretation of contemporary painting and installation related to the visual language of advertising New York’s in the 70s and 80s. My Experimental work “ROLL UP P.H.A.T.” Shows a new visual impression. I tried to look at the face as todays “Selfie Cultural Area Phenomena” and involve the body as a modern-day fragment of a society driven by the idea to be all the time “FASTER, BETTER, LOUDER”.


Who is this generation that now forms the center of society?

More about the ART CONCEPT soon…Still FIX the Idea of “face in art, body in the society, advertisement influence”!!! Stay Tuned.