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The YILMAZTÜRK & BROCKMANN Concept was born in January 2012. After the work for the PASAjist Gallery in Istanbul, Gerd Brockmann and Nejla Yilmaztürk decided to work as an Artist Couple between the Border of Fashion Design and Fine Art Concepts. The first works were born after a meeting at the MimarSinanFineArtsUniversity where both Artists studied in the Fashion Design Department. After the first work experiences this couple starts to work in different projects and countries to research with new materials in the fine art and design business to create contemporary textile installations and fashion design Concepts.

The dissolution of boundaries, the fusion of concepts from Fashion Design and Fine Arts is at the core of this particular collaboration. Both artists exclusively use minimal textiles, recycled or exceptional materials, thus forging a unique connection between apparently contrary features of Turkish and German culture. Their shared work allows glimpses at a union of opposites. The pieces references dualist concepts, combining masculine and feminine elements. Textile structures play with borders and opposites, combining art and design.

Embedded in space, the disciplines flow into each other. Just shape and texture and the materials or structures, create an expression in space. If there ever were boundaries between Art and Fashion Design, they are being dissolved and merging in this contemporary concept.

 In our research it´s relevant  to see the impact of a body in space. Textiles as  second skin and the combination of both, to create a fugacious sculpture. When can you perceive the body in combination with textiles as a sculpture and where is the border? How feels recycled material on your skin? What kind of haptic experiences involves the mantling? How are your senses changing during this process?

 We are following those questions in our textile installations and fashion design concepts, to reach a new reference between design and body. For this purpose we are using textile materials as a base for a bodily transformation and searching for new connections between body and space. Working with unusual materials like blood, inner tubes of tires and chains are supposed to suggest the theme of working conditions and sustainability of the textile industry, making it possible to get new perceptions and to break barriers.

 What kind of strategies will influence the fashion and fine art market and which materials are useful to take the perfect recycling procedure of this sector into account? How can you connect sustainability and industrial manufacturing?

It’s an advantage to combine art and design in a globalized and fast moving world, to get individual approaches for indicatory structures and probably new answers for those questions. Sure is that art influencing fashion design in the future and the combination of both can exhibit new possibilities in design.