The Inferno of Doctrine & Ritual

brockmann-the-inferno-of-doctrine-ritual           artprojectbrockmann-the-inferno-of-doctrine-and-ritua

Contemporay Textile Installation / Ephemeral Concept

The Inferno of Doctrine & Ritual

„The body: tied to Biological, vulnerable and perishable, medium of noise and pleasure, and not least the crossroads of different discursive interpretation and staging strategies.“

Saskia Werth, Wissenschaftszentrum NRW


The Artist in Residence program at the MODUL I in Germany lead to a new exhibition concept in the context of transdisciplinary projects and developed temporary perception spaces. The formative international work in recent years in the fields of art, fashion and design will be taken up and placed inside the MODUL in a new draft. In, „The Inferno of Doctrine and Ritual“ I will also build “Crossover” Installations with the experience as creative director in the field of textile production.

INTENTION: Make art visible as an existential experience within the society.

Art meets Fashion Crossover Installations / Ephemeral Concept / ROLL UP P.H.A.T. more soon…

 artprojectbrockmann the-inferno-of-doctrine-and-ritual  THE INFERNO OF DOCTRINE & RITUAL GOLD by G.G.M.Brockmann

  THE INFERNO OF DOCTRINE & RITUAL by G.G.M.Brockmann Gold Serie                The INFERNO OF DOCTRINE & RITUAL by G.G.M.Brockmann Golden palace