One Moment Yellow Silence

One Moment Yellow Silence is a piece that explores the way inner stillness becomes affected by our surroundings. Silence isn’t one thing. It is powerful, serene, joyful, tense, anxious. To Brockmann, it is also Yellow. Yellow because it is a talisman of optimism, of warmth. Loud, it sings its solidity from wherever it is placed. Yellow is often the first colour we notice.

After his father died, Brockmann left Germany for Turkey where he found yellow fabric in a turkish bazaar. It became a kind of phylactery to him and he wrapped himself in it, protecting himself from the world. Whilst to spectators he seemed statuesque and hollow, to the artist, he was internally vibrating in his own scripture of silence. OMYS Ulu Cami Bursa OMYS kircali Bulgaria


Brockmann wanted to challenge the levels of transportation he felt within his yellow mantle. The performance moved continually, mainly focusing on locations within Turkey: from a waterfall, to the streets of Istanbul, to a Mosque in Bursa. Listening to the natural sounds of a waterfall allowed him tranquility, whilst the turbulence and motion of Istanbul overwhelmed and heightened his senses. In the Mosque he was a guest. Hearing people praying in another language with his bare feet rooted to the carpet allowed him to feel the vibrations of place. Grounded, bedded into the spiritual reticence. OMYS Ocaklar Turkey II OMYS Ocaklar Turkey

The art for him is the texture of the silence. Soft or grainy, smooth or distrubed, it changes from place to place. For us, the viewer, the art is the image. We see the contrast of the surroundings that he does not. This duality is married together in a specific type of ephemerality that makes the image intensely dynamic. We see the stillness of the figure, we see the contrast of the surroundings, we also perhaps question what Brockmann himself is experiencing. OMYS Turanköy Waterfall OMYS Hallig Nordstrandisch Moor


As an art-object, it too refuses ‘one thing’. Part of experiencing One Moment Yellow Silence, is understanding it as a transformative object. It metamorphoses from installation to sculpture, from sculpture to photograph, from photograph to digital experience, refusing a static understanding. It is a piece that invites a multilayered examination that sometimes becomes physical. People want to touch, to unwrap, to talk, to investigate. It is individual and intangible to every viewer. It is also a message to us in our overloaded world: we cannot stop time, but we can be still within it. The moment we take to ourselves in looking is curious, is silent, is Yellow.

One Moment Yellow Silence by Brockmann Wood Design Petzinger 1

Text by Kate Reeve-Edwards, culturalcapitalarts / UK