Golden Silver Reign – Ephemeral Sculpture

„GOLDEN SILVER REIGN “ Contemporary Ephemeral Sculpture – World         Cities: Istanbul, Bursa, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Flensburg, Rome, Brussels, Dzhebel, Manchester,Thasos Start Research: 2011 – Ephemeral Concept, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University /Istanbul-Turkey… Weiterlesen

Ego Has Fallen…

Textile Installation Denmark      Crossing of the frontier between Fashion and Art Art – Concept:  G.G.M. Brockmann Textiles are our constant companions. They offer us a second skin and protection, express what we… Weiterlesen

Fragile Underground

Concept: Against Violence Against Women! Contemporary Real Blood Installation The Music Video of Metallica´s “Turn The Page” from the 90´s was the first impression, that made me think about all this…and then I… Weiterlesen

seven conspiracies – PasaJist Istanbul

     Fashion Design by Nejla Yilmaztürk   Six artists, five designs and one model in performance. Every artist\designer works with a different idea or conception of blood but nevertheless all of them… Weiterlesen

Here´s Still Light

     Detail – Knitted Faces / Here´s Still Light                         Contemporary Art Knitting – Installation German and Danish Version…Please Scroll Down…    … Weiterlesen


    Wood, Aid Blanket, Aerosol Can, Tape,Wool Threads, Canvas, Acryl Color,Nails (Nike AIR FORCE 1) MAGAZINE GHOSTWRITER STORY: Through the lens of contemporary installation and sculpture, German Artist G.G.M.Brockmann explores the tensions… Weiterlesen

The Suppleness Puck’s

Inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream                  What is not clear is the gender of Puck, since the character has been represented as male and as… Weiterlesen

GRAND ELIXIR Secret of Secrets – Distortion of the Urban Alchemy

    The Inferno of Doctrine and Ritual – „GRAND ELIXIR, SECRET OF SECRETS AND THE DISTORTION OF THE URBAN ALCHEMY “ DETAIL…at MUDANYA, BURSA BROCKMANN 🌍 TURKEY Photography by @mr._yilmazturk Model: @ilkeripeek Stay… Weiterlesen

Diaphragmatic Sphere

        Textile – Wood Installation / Frozen Lake at Bolu – Turkey

One Moment Yellow Silence

    Ulu Cami Bursa / Turkey                                                    … Weiterlesen