It´s All In The Air Baby

What does air mean today? – IT’S ALL IN THE AIR…BABY! Life-saving elixir or existential threat? Due to current events, air once again plays a decisive Janus-faced role. Social distancing, isolation and the… Weiterlesen

Golden Silver Reign

Golden Silver Reign is an ephemeral sculpture flexibly and spontaneously created in any location Brockmann choses. The sculpture is suspended within the moment the camera shutter closes: the undulating foil-furrows are captured and… Weiterlesen

Here´s Still Light

     German and Danish Version…Please Scroll Down…     Details – Here´s Still Light / Faces HERE´S STILL LIGHT – BEYOND THE FINE ART SOCIAL SCULPTURE Here´s Still Light – or the place… Weiterlesen


Fragile Underground

Concept: Against Violence Against Women! Real Blood Installation       Why should we ever confront us as a society in order? Is it not clear that it is wrong? Through my work between… Weiterlesen

Ego Has Fallen…


The Suppleness Puck’s

Inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream         What is not clear is the gender of Puck, since the character has been represented as male and as female along history. Fashion… Weiterlesen

Seven Conspiracies

     Fashion Design by Nejla Yilmaztürk   Six artists, five designs and one model in performance. Every artist\designer works with a different idea or conception of blood but nevertheless all of them… Weiterlesen

The Inferno of Doctrine and Ritual – GRAND ELIXIR: Secret of Secrets – Distortion of the Urban Alchemy

      The idea of fashion as distorted sculpture – the body is so universal in its‘ size, shape, movement and features – variables of the body will change, but a key part… Weiterlesen

Diaphragmatic Sphere

        Textile – Wood Installation / Frozen Lake at Bolu – Turkey