The Inferno of Doctrine and Ritual – GRAND ELIXIR: Secret of Secrets – Distortion of the Urban Alchemy

artprojectbrockmann Grand Elixir Bursa V Turkey   

II artprojectbrockmann Grand Elixir Bursa Turkey


The idea of fashion as distorted sculpture – the body is so universal in its‘ size, shape, movement and features – variables of the body will change, but a key part of distinguishing us from one another is fashion; uniforms, personal style, favorite colors, clothing that complements our shape. It sets us apart from one another and gives us a sense of uniqueness. It changes our appearance; it gives us each a different texture and a different shape. It transforms us into a different ‚object‘ by creating a fabric ’shell‘ – Due to being captured within a photograph, the body seems to become a sculpture – It is still, and it is solid. Especially in the photographs above, I capture the essence of the still body – they are not in motion, they are acting out a pose, surrendering to the idea of becoming a likeness of them – an object of art, a moment in time. These are the photographs we view. While we may look at these images as ‚fashion‘ or as ‚photography‘, they are classified, by me, as installation. It is not so much about the image as it is about the space I had created. As the Creative Director of these scenarios, the location is built, the human/object/self is placed, and fabric is draped and using each of these elements, a framework is created which people can explore and experience. The observer produces a sensitive distortion of the own ego.