Golden Silver Reign

Golden Silver Reign is an ephemeral sculpture flexibly and spontaneously created in any location Brockmann choses. The sculpture is suspended within the moment the camera shutter closes: the undulating foil-furrows are captured and stilled in an entirely random arrangement, never to be seen again. One instantly recognises the piece as an image of a sculpture, not merely a photograph. It is not until one realises the variety of forms the sculpture takes that Golden Silver Reign is discovered to be ephemeral and textile, not a metal installation. It is the action, the wind, the force that creates the sculpture. Brockmann seeks out the unplanned, the uncontrollable in his work, as he sees everything as potentially creative. The artist understands that often it is the mistakes you make, the aleatory that generates the work, not the control of the artist.

golden-silver-reign-rome-artprojectbrockmann#Rome – Italy

Inspired by Ai Weiwei’s ‘Study of Perspective’ Brockmann strove to create a piece that was transferable and transportable. All he requires is the fire blanket and his camera to create multiple different sculptures, juxtaposed against a melange of backgrounds. He has taken the sculpture to Dublin, Rome, Sicily, Paris, Morocco, Turkey but chooses surroundings that are far from the normality of metropolitan life; secluded side-streets, graffiti-addled-buildings, deserted houses, or grey shore-lines, locations that are the most visibly politically affected. Contrary to much of his other work, an absence of the human figure is key, for the piece is allegorical of political ‘reign’ that too is devoid of concerns for individual humanity.

golden-silver-reign-eskisehir-turkey-artprojectbrockmann#Eskişehir – Turkey

For there are similarities in all the countries he takes the sculpture too. They are all tumbling over to the right sight of the political spectrum. It is something that most of the world is wrestling with, an existence that is almost imperceptibly decided for us. The political world, as Brockmann sees it, is based on opportunism. The way the right wing media spins a story to their advantage, often targeting the most neglected and under-funded areas desperate for change, is nothing to do with truth but is a weaving of a shining narrative.


golden-silver-reign-palermo-artprojectbrockmann#Palermo – Sicily

golden-silver-reign-imma-dublin-artprojectbrockmann#Dublin – Irland

golden-silver-reign-am-eitz-germany-artprojectbrockmann#Am Eitz – Germany

golden-silver-reign-paris-france-by-artprojectbrockmann#Paris – France

With Golden Silver Reign, Brockmann is commenting on how individuals don’t often choose their politics. Whether it be via parental influence, environment, race, location, pay-bracket, the artist identifies political identity as becoming nestled about you, coating you surreptitiously. Much like the sculpture, it is unbound to the self, a kind of luck. In this visual metaphor, the gold side represents right-wing imposed silence, the silver side figuring liberation. It is perhaps telling, yet of course entirely un-planned, that most of his sculptures show the golden layer facing upwards, imposing it’s heavy regality on the hardship surrounding it.

Text by Kate Reeve-Edwards, culturalcapitalarts / UK

#Ephemeralsculpture #Contemporaryphotography

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