Air & Shadows

Gerd Brockmann’s work is an action, a doing. Ephemeral and smoke-like, both the artist and the art cannot be contained in any solid category. His work is intertextual in the extreme, transgressing the boundaries of performance, sculpture, photography, painting, sound, light, air: it slips through the gaps of all. The artist considers everything his material, conjuring work out of unstable components to create art that is poetical and productive.

The mental and physical agitation we experience in society encourages Brockmann’s creation of non-tangible art. He enjoys it’s fluidity, the way it mirrors the constant societal flux that proliferates. His performance-sculptures are processes that are bound to him: he makes the work in that moment, and then it vanishes. The photo that captures the piece only contains the second the shutter blinks: the second of a minute of a moment of an action, then, it too, is gone. In this way, at all stages, his work mirrors the fleeting nature of human existence.

Although the methods vary drastically, textiles are Brockmann’s main discipline. He is interested in how fashion is an act of performativity, how materials become a second skin. Our personalities, minds, actions are legible to others immediately through material fibres, not our “real” nakedness. It is this mantling of the body which he explores in his art, as the figure is also often used in his practise. Brockmann warps the traditional implications of the human figure within art. Often concealing the figure entirely with textile, he dismantles fashion with the body, and the body with fashion. The figures are deliberately puck-like, in between, non-gendered, the artist seeking to represent our human, pre-signified essence. Our bodily constructions are all the same underneath our performative mantles. Through making the figure both static-sculptural, and moment-ephemeral he deconstructs the body, representing it as both corporeal being and elemental force.

Brockmann makes photographs physical, sculptures installation, silence visible, and air emotional. He works with and is ephemeral. Beautifully twisting out of definition, like the shadow of a moment of a silence.


Photograph by FM Becker Studio / Flensburg-Germany
Text by Kate Reeve-Edwards, culturalcapitalarts / UK