Golden Silver Reign



Bursa                                                                             Paris



First Research started at ISTANBUL in spring 2015…then it became an ongoing worldwide international concept!

Cities since then: Istanbul, Bursa,Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Flensburg…

Since 4 years I’m working between Fl/Germany and Bursa/Istanbul and I saw an exponential rise of galleries or independent art spaces at the City in the last decade. The art market in Turkey is entering into a new business phase. Nowadays…The major players in Istanbul seem to think …let´s open a new art gallery to sustain further growth. Internationalization is another topic at this agenda and Istanbul´s two mainly based contemporary art fairs pushing the new art trends, while continuing to serve its home crowd, the country’s oldest contemporary fair, Contemporary Istanbul. This Fair is more than ever courting international exhibitors and buyers. The competition is on the road. In 2013 the Art International starts to push stronger relationships with foreign collectors, buyers and galleries. For me…the GOLDEN SILVER REIGN starts and turns Istanbul into the market hub of Turkey.

Actually, curious about the development…

Ephemeral Concept, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, 02/2015

Materials: Cloudy Sky, Space Blanket (First Aid), Wind, Cam



GERMANY Research, Flensburg-Germany:


Istanbul-Turkey / Vienna-Austria

SONY DSC      

Bursa – Turkey


Istanbul-Turkey / Paris-France

SONY DSC