The Suppleness Puck’s

Inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

PUCK by Brockmann at artprojectbrockmann 5  PUCK by Brockmann at artprojectbrockmann 4

PUCK by Brockmann at artprojectbrockmann 3    Ego Has Fallen...or the Suppleness Puck's 2

PUCK by Brockmann at artprojectbrockmann

What is not clear is the gender of Puck, since the character has been represented as male and as female along history. Fashion & Gender has been always a big topic in history and my artwork questioned fashionable act, gender identities, sexual orientations and modern living designs. Puck serves as a symbolic figure of between, as hybrid, as permanent commuter across the border and the installation in the background refers to cross-dressing, men in skirts and the expression of utopia and unisex the time today.

Crossing of the frontier between Fashion and Art

In This work a construction of gender takes place and what happens if the viewer is confronted with the twisted roll forming and a female body wears a copper mask with male facial features?

Stay Tuned…more soon…

PUCK / Textile Installation

The character: Contemporary Puck (Gender Research)

Fashion Design: Nejla Yılmaztürk
Model: Sidsel Knutz Lauritsen
Foto: FM Becker Fotografie – Germany

© by G.G.M. Brockmann @artprojectbrockmann